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Artists Finding Clever Ways To Hide Wrinkles

Beautiful and Wrinkle Free Skin from Natural Oils

Said to be the largest organ in the body, the skin is by far one of the most noticeable parts of the body often praised for its radiance and glow.

Unfortunately through years of aging the skin has to battle a lot of factors that turn it dry, lifeless and worse wrinkles eventually develop especially on the face.

Generation after generation though have developed rightful solutions to be able to address this feared age related skin condition and luckily some of these practices are still used these days and have proven to be efficient wrinkle reducing solutions.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Part of many ancient cultures as an ingredient in different religious practices, frankincense comes sourced from the Middle East and has been popular among the Egyptians applied on the face as a rejuvenating solution to keep the skin looking fresh and young looking.

Characterized as a regenerating agent that helps to keep the skin formation continually producing healthy cells, wrinkles are well addressed through using this potent and naturally produced frankincense essential oil because it helps to reduce wrinkle formation (FreeTrialMile.com) and is an efficient anti-aging ingredient.

Lavender Essential Oil

The aroma that comes from the naturally produced lavender essential oil can never be mistaken for anything else and although many perceive it as more of a relaxing agent that can only be used for calm and rest, lavender also has its contribution when it comes to reducing wrinkle formation.

Filled with moisturizing characteristics, lavender essential oil is easily absorbed by the skin and is a non-greasy moisturizer that helps to promote blood flow onto the surface of the skin and helps to stimulate the healthy growth of the skin cells helping to rejuvenate the layers of the skin and making the skin appear glowing and revitalized.

Myrrh Essential Oil

Much like frankincense, myrrh has been popular in different cultures as an integral substance that promote religious practices, but there is more to myrrh essential oil than its musky, solemn and calming characteristic as it is also an active anti-wrinkle solution.

Massaging myrrh essential oil onto the skin helps it smooth-en out wrinkles and prevent future formation as it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial characteristics that help to fight free radicals or those substances and particles that increase in production as we age – through reducing these factors that cause wrinkles the skin is able to continue producing healthy cells helping it look smoother, without any damage and wrinkles.

Read about how RVTL and Equinox can be used to reduce wrinkles to! FreeTrialMile.com

The Miranda Lambert Transformation: How She Lost All the Weight

Famous for her country music Miranda Lambert has wowed audiences the world over with her stunning vocal pipes and her overall presence on stage but despite her fame she is admittedly been very conscious of the way she looks and more so when a few unflattering photos of her surfaced on the tabloids. After seeing herself that way it served to become her personal motivation to get herself back on track and take care of her health more.

She started her transformation through joining the Nutrisystem bandwagon but she eventually got tired of it and found better ways of helping herself turn healthier and fitter. For starters she took her diet into consideration admitting that she liked snacking on Cheetos and really enjoyed her bacon and egg breakfast sandwiches.

Miranda Lambert managed to help keep the weight off and lose a whopping 45 pounds through making wiser choices when it came to the food that she ate. She is said to have replaced her usual breakfast favorite for a glass of high fiber juice rich in vitamins and minerals plus gotten the hang of eating low calorie and high fiber nuts to replace her junk food cravings.

The country singer’s simple diet formula was to find healthier options for the food that she loves to eat. She is a firm believer that you should still be able to eat the food that you love to eat but at the same time also get alternatives to it that will limit the calories and fat.

Miranda says she still gets to enjoy some fried chicken but says that if she has some for lunch she will switch to a grilled version for dinner. And aside from getting to eat healthier, Lambert has also gotten herself into the task of putting in some physical activities daily.

Her trainer gets her involved in a high intensity workout that usually has a lot of body weight exercises like jumping jacks and even stair climbing. Miranda also utilizes her 700 acre ranch by turning it into her very own track oval as she always tries to clock in some time to walk or run around it.

Truly a spectacular transformation, Miranda Lambert has turned into a much healthier version of herself through just very simple steps. Another true testament that regular exercise or physical activities as well as a well managed diet can work wonders to fulfilling a better and healthier lifestyle.

More info Here!

Tom Arnold Got All Types Of Skinny

The 100 Pound Weight Loss Journey for Tom Arnold

Veteran actor-comedian Tom Arnold has managed to make a difference in his life and the life of others who like himself a year ago has suffered from being overweight and the different health conditions that come with it. A year ago Arnold weighed in at 287 pounds and had sleep apnea that had him wearing a CPAP machine to be able to sleep well without horrendous snoring and he also had to take medications for his high blood pressure as it usually read 180/120 on the sphygmomanometer.

It took the birth of his first child, Jax, for Tom Arnold to finally make changes to his wellness and health. After waiting for roughly 25 years between several marriages, Arnold was blessed April of 2013 with a son whom he believes to have saved him for his unhealthy lifestyle.

He took the liberty to start living a life that would help him become more enabled to keep up with his son and how he had manage being active with him as he grew up. Through the help of his trainer MB Regan, Tom Arnold was able to lose an amazing 100 pounds from his 287 pound weight last year, and he also managed to bring down his body fat from 32 percent to 11 percent.

Everything else followed for Arnold as soon as he changed his lifestyle and started to train and workout at least 3 times every week. His sleep apnea is now controlled so he does not have to suffer he embarrassment of falling asleep during his travels plus his blood pressure also improved down to 120/80.

He is also very committed to writing down all of the things that he does during his workouts, like his cardio workouts which he jots down at least twice a day as he splits his cardio and always sees the need to accomplish between 75-90 minutes each day. In terms of nutrition he believes he should be able to eat whatever he wants but unlike before he tries to keep it in very good moderation.

Through Tom Arnold’s weight loss he is now able to look at life in a very different point of view as he now is very relieved to be able to be there for his son, play with him more and not get winded unlike when he was still overweight. His goal of 100 pounds weight loss was indeed a journey that he is now very happy to share with his family.


Pawn Stars “Chumlee” Lost a TON of Weight!

The Chumlee Weight Loss Secret Revealed

We all know him for his funny antics in the hit reality TV show Pawn Stars, but lately it has been his massive weight loss that has turned many very intrigued and at awe to his transformation, as Austin “Chumlee” Russell was able to lose a whopping 100 pounds. The decision came as one of his co-stars at Pawn Stars, Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison also started to lose weight, dropping a huge 200 pounds, and so at that time Chumlee took things into better perspective and started his weight loss journey.

A lot of the effort came from his decision to become healthier and from that thinking he was able to push himself to get into action. His first weight loss effort got him to lose 75 pounds then it was 95 pounds and the recent news has been about how he had already lost 100 pounds.Chumlee_Big_1

All the effort is also his way of getting his act straight as his dad died at age 54 because of pancreatic cancer. This was a great wake up call for Chumlee to live a healthier and fuller life through staying away from food that is not good for him and working more on eating a lot vegetables and natural food.

In many interviews Chumlee relayed that he put in effort to get rid of consuming all processed food with the exception of mustard. He started his weight loss weighing in at 320 pounds and has lost 100 pounds since then all thanks to a healthier eating habit.

Joining in his stance to remove all processed food to his diet, Chumlee also attributes his weight loss to having an entirely new motto when it came to his health. He has been quoted to saying that he presently believes in “Everything in moderation” a goal that has really given him extra motivation to turn to a healthier lifestyle.

Chumlee’s no processed food oath, plus a well balanced diet is also a great contribution to his improved health and weight loss. He also swears to have a juice smoothie every morning which helps him become energized and stay away from the usual breakfast selections that are high in calories and filled with a lot of fat.

He also makes it a point to cut from his usual routine to allow himself a cheat day within the week, a step he believes in to reward himself from all the hard work he goes through. When asked, about his favorite cheat meal, he readily answered pizza .

Aside from being more careful with what he eats, Chumlee also takes on a regular exercise regimen. He admits to going to gym 6 times each week, which is an excellent step that works in coordination with his better eating habits and his decision to take things in moderation.

Along with hitting the gym on a regular basis, Chumlee has also been reported to love playing golf and he is very passionate about it. He always makes it a habit to play when he can and even had a chance to work under Butch Harmon a famous golf teacher.


Crossfit- The New INTENSE Workout

How Crossfit Supplements and Paleo Diet Help Training

If you are up for the extra challenge and are too bored with the usual gym workout, then getting into Crossfit is a good opportunity for you to change up your exercise program and at the same time find a more interesting way to improve your body composition and overall health and wellness. Crossfit is not for the faint of heart as it incorporates a lot of high intensity exercises in combination with powerlifting, Olympic weight lifting plus calisthenics and even plyometrics, the energy to these different movements is very exhilarating but can also be capable of consuming a lot of your energy.crossfit_girls

Eat Right and Train Right

Supposing you are already highly engaged with Crossfit and decide to take things to another level, like competing in a Crossfit event, one of the best ways for you to have a bigger advantage than that of your competitors is getting the chance to train right. Training for Crossfit is very similar to training for other sports, there are certain skills that you have to specialize on and have to perform numerous times in order to perfect them and increase the chances for better execution.

But aside from being keen with your training program it is also very important for you to be able to address the fuel that your body gets before, during and after you train for Crossfit, a great example of a meal plan that you can include with your training is the Paleo diet. Incorporating natural food sources like chicken, fish, pork, beef plus vegetables and fruits, the Paleo diet is known to keep enthusiasts become more aware not only of the good calories that are in the food but also improve their choices of products – know that the diet requires eating only food that come from natural sources, similar to the Paleontological version of man where the only food sources came from what was found in nature.

Supplement Correctly

To supplement right is to be able to distinguish which products are necessary to help improve performance and at the same time be aware of the process of supplementing. Since the time that supplements have been made available on a regular basis, many are still very confused and misinformed as to how these should be used.

Enthusiasts are still utilizing supplements as if these are as regular as drinking water or eating a meal. Reading the labels are important, as most of the supplements that are used by many regular gym aficionados are also applicable for use by Crossfit practitioners so always make it a point to be well aware on how to consume protein shakes, creatine or even carbohydrate liquids. This is especially important as it will be able to help your game and to give you the results that you look forward to obtaining.

Training, eating and supplementing right are an excellent combination for any sport or game like Crossfit. Fueling up the body and assisting it to have enough energy as well as recovery is an enabling step to make your Crossfit achievements level up and become more commendable and far better than you have ever wanted.

Source: http://crossfitdietplan.net/crossfit-warrior-muscle-building-supplements/

Get HUGE Like The Rock

Turning into Hercules: What Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Had to Do

In many interviews about his recent film Hercules, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was very particular in letting his fans and audiences know how much dedication he put into achieving a role that he knew would only come to him once in a lifetime. He was not shy in saying that he had his own set of standards when it came to turning into the demigod, which led him to finding the perfect ways and means to achieve the results that he longed to reach.the rock

Six month training scheme. This was the time that The Rock put into getting himself into Herculean shape – half a year of grueling and strict training that had him only 1 day for rest and the rest of the week in the gym. Within this period he took enough time to develop high volume training that involved a lot of exercises each day plus a lot of repetitions and sets each day.

One muscle at a time. Every day was meant to train one muscle at a time, which meant that Dwayne Johnson had to maintain at least 5 exercises a day and even up to 8 if necessary. He would commonly train the chest on a Monday, the legs on a Tuesday and a Saturday, and Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays would be for the abdominals and arms, the back and the shoulders respectively.

High volume and intensity. Roughly looking through the program that Dwayne Johnson used, you would easily notice how a large part of the workout was dedicated to not just gaining a lot of strength but also providing the chance for the muscles to develop and become bigger yet leaner. Every exercise required at least 10 repetitions each and could go as high as 20 to 25 repetitions, depending on the exercise – some are even assigned to be performed until failure.

Beast Workout- The Rock’s Hercules Workout Routine

Food quality and calories. Aside from getting into a very exceptional workout program Dwayne Johnson also took into consideration having to eat like Hercules, with high quality food produce that contained the needed calories. Because his program required him to constantly put a lot of stress on his body it was important to provide him with the nutrition that was ready to compensate all of the work that he had to accomplish.

Seven meals every day. It took 22 weeks of staying on a very strict diet to be able to turn into Hercules and true to a high and mighty demigod – The Rock was given 7 meals each day. Of course he was not allowed to splurge on just any kind of food, as they were strict to weigh his food especially with the lean meats and proteins plus the complex carbohydrates, he was also allowed to have some servings of vegetables and salad for certain meals.

Sensible supplements. Being an athlete before he became an actor, Dwayne Johnson has had his fair share of injuries and wrong choices when it came to getting himself physically in shape. He has been practicing a lot precaution not just in his workouts and diet but also with the supplements that he uses – as he does a lot of reading and researches which supplements are good for his recovery and replenishes his energy, so he sticks with the usual creatine or proteins when he worked out.

Megan Fox

Sean Penn


An Interesing Find I Thought I’d Share……

Kim Kardashian – a Look at her Psoriatic Condition

More than just being a celebrity Kim Kardashian has made her way to the top through hard work and being exceptionally business minded. She and her entire family have slowly but surely raised an empire that have many love them dearly or hate them to the bone.

Among the entire Kardashian clan, it is Kim that is mainly focused in the spotlight especially these days as she has made headlines one after the other. Her pregnancy was publicized dramatically and her fairytale wedding to famous rapper Kanye West was also under a lot of intrigue and scrutiny from the media, especially the paparazzi.

And although her career continues to sky rocket, it is hard to believe that she almost lost it a few years back when she discovered that she had a skin condition called psoriasis. She suddenly experienced red inflamed patches all over her legs and during the time she was fearful that her career was over especially since most of her work dealt with having to show herself entire self in public.


Was stress the triggering factor?

Studies have revealed that stress contributes a lot to a psoriasis attack and indeed Kim Kardashian is no stranger to all the stresses in this world. What is even exceptionally unique about why Kim experienced the disease is that her stress is far more highlighted because she is a current crowd favorite.

Just imagine having to be a wife, a mother, a sister, a TV star, an entrepreneur, a model and even launching an app named after you, the lifestyle and condition Kim is living in is extremely filled with a lot pressure. In 2011 when her psoriasis first showed up, she was under a lot of pressure from her career and from preparing for her wedding.

Was mother Kris to blame?

Kim was very high and susceptible to the psoriasis gene because her mother Kris also suffers from the condition although she was never really revealed too much detail about it to her children. This was what puzzled Kim during those times because she was caught unaware of the disease and did not really know what it was and what to do.

Consulting a dermatologist was Kim’s way of dealing with the psoriasis attack and true enough she was diagnosed to have it. Most of the population are said to have had psoriasis because it is passed on from genes and families who suffer from the condition will most likely pass it onto their children, like what happened to Kris and Kim.

Was her lifestyle adding to the damage?

Aside from her fabulous genes and her stress, one of the other possible contributing factors to Kim’s psoriasis is how she lived her life. This was something she really cannot help as she really has to go through the daily routine of having to work and build a business circle that in time turns up to be her social circle of close friends and trusted acquaintances.

All of the alcohol consumption, exposure to smoking, even excesses in unhealthy food choices, all are unfortunate triggers that blow up the chances of psoriasis occurring. Their hit reality TV show speaks for itself as Kim seems to emulate experiencing a lot of stress she also gets herself into the business and habit having to entertain people a lot and getting into a world filled with a lot of vices.

It is amazing though that Kim Kardashian has a lot of options that she can channel in order to get her psoriasis in check and control her disease. She also praised for her courage to stand up and not be afraid to admit that she has the condition and that it is something that should not be ashamed of and can be revealed and talked about with others.